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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> glenn: thank you, lord obama. he saved us from the pit of eternal damnation. how? stimulus package. we're learning new details about where the tax money is being spent. it's fantastic. only $545,763 to replace buildings on a government building that closed two years ago. then we spent $762,372 for dance software. like dance tube. you know, like youtube exce except -- three-quarter of a billion dollars on that. $1.2 million to convert aban danned train station into a museum. and then $1.9 million to study exotic ants.
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exotic ants. are those like ants that used to live in kenya and nuck in the country and now live in boston? no. those are the little ants i guess. then the sidewalk to nowhere. $89,298 to replace this quarter-mile stretch of sidewalk that was only five years old. uh-huh. by the way, that sidewalk ends in a ditch in oklahoma. that's the plan to save america. i feel saved already! thank you, jesus! they call sarah palin stupid, but this is okay. let me tell you something, at least sarah palin has never spent $2 million on ants. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: you know it's going to be a good show when he's
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got the pipe. oh, yes. try not to be cond condescending. hello, america. people smoke in missouri yesterday. they voted overwhelmingly to reject obama's mandate that forces people to buy health insurance, something that has never ever happened before in america. you have to buy something to be a citizen in good standing. oh, it's going to be fun to watch the white house explain this one. of course, we already know what they are going to do. barack obama will say something like no conservatives and republicans, they just want to go back to the same old ideas that have never worked. they're standing in the way and wanting to block progress. yada, yada, yada. >> they have not come up with a single solitary new idea to address the challenges of the american people. they don't have a single idea that is different from george
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bush's ideas. not one. >> glenn: that's right, mr. president. we're dummies. we don't have a single new idea. you know what? republicans, republicans don't have a lot of new ideas. they're a lot of retread ideas. that's why i think mr. president you should talk to these tea party people. they've got some really new ideas they haven't tried in 150 years. of course, now your ideas, your ideas, they're brand new. it wasn't -- when i first heard your ideas about 1848, try to think, when did karl marx write that stuff down? no, seriously. you've got ideas that have unquestionably failed. and failed spectacularly every time they've been tried. i know, i know. just never been done right. broken economy after broken economy. continent after continent. millions dead. you know, i don't know that it can be done right.
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i'm not willing to give it a whirl. why are you, mr. president? giving a few people power to save the collective, you know, i've been thinking about this. it's not even marxism. huh-uh. huh-uh. older than 1848. yeah. a lot older. maybe the oldest idea known to man. i will save them all. where have i heard that? i will save them all. they will all return to you. give me the credit. oh that's good. that's good. i know i heard that some place. kind of the ends justify the means. you know what? i remember where i heard that. it wasn't saul alinsky, but i read about it in his book. who did saul alinsky dedicate his book to? it was, ahh. i can't remember. anyway, it's not important. children, children, listen, the government is going to help you. yes. with socialism. it's spectacular!
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now i will say that barack obama is right in one regard when he says that the g.o.p. hasn't done this. watch. >> understand, it would be one thing if the republicans have seen the error of their ways. [ laughter ] >> glenn: he is right about this. the republicans haven't had their come to jesus moment. they're still doing the same thing. why? a lot of them are progressives. oh, that might be the problem. i don't know if you heard trent lott on the tea party who said, "we don't need a lot of them jim demint disciples. as soon as they get down here, we need to coopt them." that's good. good for you, trent. it's big government politics as usual, to many people in washington. only g.o.p. is slightly smaller government than the big government of democrats. they're all progressives.
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i shouldn't say that. not all of them. there are a couple of people, maybe a couple that haven't completely lost their soul in the democratic party. and they're -- maybe 20, i'm not sure anymore, have that haven't lost their soul in the republican party. see, that's the problem with the country today. everybody has lost their soul to progressivism. you aren't being presented with a real choice. wait a minute, i -- it's a good thing i read. i don't know if you read this very, very good book. try and remember the author. genius, whoever wrote this. in part two, in -- it's my book! carroll quigley said this. "the overton window." here is what he said. one of the guys -- in fact, this is the guy that got clinton in as an rode scholar and said the argument two parties should oppose ideas and policies is a foolish idea. the two parties should be identical almost so american people can throw the rascals out in any election without
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leading to any profound or attempted shift in policy. then it should be policy to replace it every four years in fes by another party, which will be none of those things, but will still pursue with new vigor approximately the same basic policies. that's crazy conspiracy -- conspiratorial talk. that's crazy! they're spending like drunken sailors, they are big spenders but they said they were against big spending because they were spending too much. so then these guys got in and said we have to stop spending so much, but they are bigger spenders than these guys and these were enormous spenders. that's weird. these guys are for the war but they don't want to fight it with everything we've got. they're against war and they're fighting it exactly the way we've been fighting it. these guys are against corruption. these guys are against corruption. to that, both of them are corrupt. then, they're against
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government healthcare. talk to me about prescription drugs. these guys are for government healthcare and they made our wish come true. isn't that great? here is your thing. this is the choice. lesser of two evils. progressive "l" or the progressive extra strength. that's what it is. that is by design. i told you a few weeks ago about this cat. joel rogers, dude. you read him and you think this guy is the genius. he is. he's a big evil powerful progressive, you know, several of these bogus front organizations progressives, you know, they used to funnel money around. this guy started something called the new party. cofounded the new party. it's a radical leftist party. in fact, it was the one that supported barack obama in chicago. but that's behind us. those aren't the facts you're looking for.
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he said this -- the democratic party has an abusive relationship with progressives. democrats take our time and money and then they almost always move to the right. the best way to end an an abusive relationship is develop to ability to leave it. we need a meaningful threat of exit from the democratic party. new party that can punish unaccountable democrats by running against them. that's genius. that's almost like -- oh, i remember! the tea party. that's the same philosophy. and what did they do? they went and muscled these people. these people are over. if you think the democrats still exist, you're fooling yourself. i want you to read what this man said in the '90s. read the article on this guy and what he said. do it at or sign up for the free e-mail newsletter. it will be included there. grab it now. read it. especially if you're a democrat. stop. that was the plan from the beginning. they don't want to start a new party. they wanted to have legitimate threats so democrats would listen to
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them. they get inside and coopt them. now democrats are dead. but they're not progressives, they're democrats. they're not progressives, they're liberal, until they destroy it and become something else. they used fear and intimidation. where have i heard that before? use fear and intimidation. and they coopted this party. guess what? democrats, you're done. you've sold your soul piece by piece time and time again to these people. and now it's over. the damns we all knew, most don't understand this yet. it's over. it's a progressive party. republicans are playing, traveling down the same path except they're not doing it like grandpa, they're just moving slower. you know what i'm saying? anytime president obama is cornered on socialism, or overspending, what does he
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say and accurately so? what does he point out that the republicans always did? >> truth is some of the comments when you actually ask well, this is based on what? this notion that obama is a socialist for example? nobody can give you a good answer. >> glenn: i can. >> much less, you know, when they make -- >> glenn: they would say mandating, having to buy insurance, something like that. >> the current plan posed by current republican nominee mitt romney. >> glenn: bingo! >> it doesn't make sense. >> glenn: because we know these guys aren't progressive socialists, no. see, first of all it's not an answer to the question. they're just pointing to each other. yeah, i hate those guys. yeah, i hate those guys. that doesn't get us anywhere. he's right. the republicans have done it. that's the problem. you see, we have been tricked into boxing ourself in t"r"
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and "d" and defending the sides at any cost without using the brain and all the while they morphed to the same thing, extra strength and light. you think you have a distinct choice but it's really one and the same. they're used to be an option in this country. there used to be. an option that believes in small government. option that actually listened to what you had to say. they actually even cared about what you had to say as well. last night i showed you how progressives think they're better than you. they know more than you. that is not a problem exclusive to the left. it's republicans as well. lindsay graham, hi, lindsey graham, i love you so much come down and have some sweet tea with me. getting hammered by the tea partiers. for his left-leaning tendencies. good. keep it up, tea partiers. they say they will vote him
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out. but here is what his statement was from a staff member. senator graham is a thinking person's conservative and i expect him to do well among voters who have i.q.s in triple digits. oh! can't you say something like that in a more snotty tone? yes, yes! you're not being presented with a choice. you're not being listened to. because you're stupid. you don't have triple-digit i.q. washington will do whatever it chooses to do. let me go to missouri now. last night, they had a vote. on the insurance mandate in obama's healthcare bill. it was close. very close. 71-29%. yeah. 71% against him. do you think that is going to stop the administration from going forward? no. of course not. those are just racists most likely that voted against it. or some sort of astroturf campaign. you see you have been ignored all the way. all time.
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59% want to repeal the healthcare bill. hmm. see, maybe you're confused. you thought this whole country thing was about you. and we the people. it's not. it's not. it's about them. there is another poll that came out from rasmussen. you have to see this. 84%, 84% say the country is headed in the wrong direction. 84%. over here, this is interesting, on the right track, 67%. who are these people? they are the ruling class. these are the people in washington that are the ruling class. they're the people that know better than you. they have higher i.q.s than the 84% of the peons. how far apart are we? 151 points. 151 points. that's quite a chasm here. that's not a republic.
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shouldn't that be, shouldn't it be closer? politicians are going in one direction. we're going in another. when you have -- why did i say on 9/11 it was important for you to know you're not alone? because if you know you are not alone, you're not going to budge. 84% of americans know they're not alone. they ain't budging. but almost 70% of those ruling us also don't think they're alone. they're look like around. these people are stupid out there. let them eat cake. hey, that's where i recognize this. the french revolution. that's right! all we have to do is put a little gate here and we have versailles. isn't that great? these people look at you in their coach. let them eat cake. how do they live like that, the peasants. look. how do you solve this? first, you have to get active, get inform and pay attention.
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you're already doing that. next thing, you vote them out. next thing you realize you cannot spend 34 years in congress and not become arrogant. it's impossible. the founders knew it. can't abide the law if you believe you're above the law. term limits. they say they're for it, republicans and democrats, but they're not. but they both lose is why they're not. term limits. term limits. if you don't do it, you think these people will give up power? they're behind the gates. and you, who wins? who wins in this scenario? who is getting the extra power? are you getting the extra power or are they gathering power? who knows what is in the 2500-page bills? would that be you or them? who is writing them? who even knows how they connect? who is exempt from the laws in the bills?
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you or them? who gets stuck with the tax bill to do those things? you or them? who has to pay for it when the inevitable happens and it doesn't work and they need even more power, more government, more money? that would be -- both parties, both parties are heading in the same direction. one is in a jet fighter and the horse is in a horse and buggy, but the destination is the same. make no mistake. big spending, arrogance and corruption. remember when elpelosi said i'm going to drain the swamp? yeah, yeah. the republicans were in big spending, corruption and arrogant in 2006. okay. so did they drain the swamp? she thinks so. watch. >> i come in and said look, drain the swamp. and we did. we passed most sweeping ethics reform in the history of the congress. >> glenn: yeah, yeah. does anybody think we're better or worse on corruption now? even the slimiest of the
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slime crawls out from under his rock in his office, barney frank. maxine waters, it's wrong. maxine waters getting hammered by barney frank. washington views corruption as standard fair. the president said that charlie rangel facing multiple charges on ethics should retire now with dignity. retire with dignity. let me ask you, peasant. if you would have done what charles rangel did, do you think you would go to jail? yes, you would. retire with dignity. why, yes, of course! why didn't we let bernie madoff just retire with some dignity, man? because there is something called a war wall. equal justice. that is the division of the ruling class again. you would go to jail, but they will retire with dignity. they'll get a post office named after them. and then here comes al sharpton and he comes out and says this -- >> you begin to see a pattern
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of people being called on to be investigated, allegation. end up nothing. one would be naive not to say wait a minute, why should we rush to judgment, particularly when you have charles rangel who has done so much for his district and the country. and maxine waters. we've already seen two high profile black leaders get everybody -- >> reverend -- >> and then nothing is there. >> glenn: is it so good to hear him say "let's not rush to judgment," isn't it? seriously. more things change the more they stay the same. in january i told you they would divide us on race. how did i know it? it doesn't take a rocket scientist. you have to know history. when progressives get in trouble, backs are against the wall, they do things. they will do anything. play the race card. that works. they fire people because they think someone on tv might talk about them. they are running scared. the case falls apart when the record is corrected. we're correcting it every night and so are you.
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does anyone remember the accusations made by john lewis that he was spat on and called the "n" word? everybody in america has heard that story. but, has anyone in america seen this? the correction from the "new york times." they remove the story because it has never been proved. but has anyone talked about that? no. so does it make a difference if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it? has it really made a sound? or whatever the hell that -- does it make a difference? the desired message was sent out. this is fact. though the "new york times" just corrected it. it's fact to most of america now. mission accomplished. we're being divided. we're being put in boxes. kept here, there. they're dividing us. if they can get 5% here, 7% there. pit each other against each other. they keep their power. america, you are being used. you're being used. we'll show you how to get around it next.
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>> glenn: talking a little bit about being used, pitted against each other and being set up. you have to know what the score is, what the game is so you're not set up. you're like i have seen this, it's like we're on tv. i take you tonight to indianapolis.
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they've had recent trouble with race relations after a controversial arrest back in may was made of a biracial teenager who suffered severe facial cuts and bruises in his arrest. one officer had been recommended for firing. protests for more firings have been held. let the court system work it out. if they're dirt bags, fire them. but one pastor in indianapolis had his own idea about how to deal with the tension. he came up with one of the worst ideas i think i've seen. that includes the segway. pastor james harrington of mount vernon missionary baptist church. he hatched a brilliant plan to put the indianapolis police department to the test. they invited a 17-year veteran of the force, sergeant matthew grimes to speak at the july 24 event hosted at the municipal gardens, a parks department facility in the city. sergeant grimes has done hundred of these sort of public appearances, community relations sergeant. that's what he does. pastor harrington and the park manager willard gutton
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planned have an altercation break out between two black individuals while sar scent grimes was -- sergeant grimes was speaking and the goal was to see how does a white officer react to two black people fighting. okay, can we just get off the crazy train for a second and let me first of all, please don't mess with the police. please. they're under a lot of pressure right now. not like to have them messed with. i don't care if you think you have been wronged. maybe you have. find an attorney. go to court. there is time for that. find the bad cops and punish them. in fact, i think you should throw the book at bad cops than regular old people. but i don't happen to agree with the president that the cops act stupidly or are racists if they're cops in arizona. if you are basing that on the fact that they're blue, that would be racism on your part. root out the bad cops. second, don't entrap people. i don't think we let the cops do that to people. you shouldn't do it to the
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police. and third, this is a pastor of a church. i mean what, what does this have to do with god? what possible good is coming from this idea? a can pulls a gun and shoots -- a cop pulls a gun and shoots everybody and you say i knew that would happen! this is what happened. grimes was giving a speech about improving summer communication to summer basketball league program when the planned altercation breaks out. grimes doesn't know what to do and does what any cop would do intervenes. in the process, he is pushed down and thrown to the ground. he later had to go to the hospital for his back. he's doing better now, by the way. now in defensive mode, he pulls out his taser gun. which at some point someone steps in and tries to explain oh, oh, you're on candid camera. [ laughing ] you're lucky people didn't lose their lives in this. the last thing you want to do is threaten a police officer.
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what are you kidding me? they step in front of us and the bad guys every day of their lives. i don't care what color you are. challenging a police officer if you are white, black, red or purple is stupid. it's not going to end well for you. this was a stupid, stupid thing to do. but the pastor doesn't even seem remorseful. here is his reaction. >> the job is to protect and serve and even though they had a family and children and everything, they don't put that in regard to their own safety. >> you don't think this was dangerous -- >> i don't think it was dangerous because it was in a controlled environment. >> glenn: a controlled environment. you're setting a cop up without him knowing about it. how is that controlled? >> we are trying to do anything we can to save the lives of our children. if we have to have live demonstrations of violence carried on by professional actors who are trained to do what they do, that's what we
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do. >> glenn: what are you talking about, man? staging a fight in front of cops and throwing the cops to the ground doesn't sound like anything to do with saving the lives of kids. if anything, it puts lives in danger and teaches those watching it you can screw with the police. the police are under tremendous pressure because of civil unrest and people like this and leftists. because of the treatment they're getting from the white house. because politician and labor unions are squeezing the fire, police officers, and firemen and squeezing them and using them as pawns. the last thing they need is this. are there bad cops? you bet there are. are there bad janitors? you bet there are. you deal with them as individuals. not as a collective. you deal with the bad cops as you deal with them harshly. the overwhelming majority of
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cops who are upstanding are honorable people who stand between you and a bullet. i showed you a playbook from the weather underground. they hated pigs. at minimum they want distrust of the police and they got it in the administration. i want you to be different. if you see a cop, you stop and thank them. they'll probably go what? you stop and thank them. you let them know you appreciate the job they do every single day. but even if you don't, don't worry about it. because when you call them, even if you hate them, even if you call them pigs all the time. when you need them, and you call them they still come to your dirt bag house and they'll stand between and a bullet no matter what you call them. because that is the kind of people they are.
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>> an article in the "wall street journal" asks this question of glenn: how is it that one set of people know for sure what it means to "take america back" but another set keeps contradicting them? glenn has the answer next. 
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a fox news alert. i'm patti ann browne. federal judge has struck down a california ban on same-sex marriage. the judge ruled the ban is unconstitutional after a suit filed by two gay couples claimed it violated their
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civil rights. the case could eventually land before the supreme court. summer vacation interrupted for members of congress. speaker nancy pelosi calling the house back in to session. for a vote next week on a bill to prevent layoffs for teachers and other public servants. 26-year-old chicago man is charge today with flying to go to somalia to become suicide bomber for al-qaeda. for more on the stories, visit glenn beck returns in a moment, but first, bret previews "special report". >> bret: coming up, tensions increase in the middle east and iran is boosting on having new anti-aircraft missiles. if true, what could it mean for israel timeline? plus the results and analysis of tuesday's primaries. join me in 26 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: oh, i have a feeling it might be an snotty
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segment because we're going to quote from the "wall street journal." this is the summer of recovery. the administration is adding job after job to the government payrolls, pouring stimulus money in wonderful products like i'm not kidding you, cocaine for monkeys to see if they like doritos when they're high. why? it's the summer of restoration and we made a pledge to restore history and show you what really happened good or bad. to bring you to a place we are now. how did that happen? it's getting under the skin of the left. oh, yes! yes! they don't like this program very much. no no. i told you a fire is starting. you have stand in the fire because the fire is truth. just like moses and the burning bush. it will consume all lies and the falsehoods, all around. but you better make sure you're in the fire.
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and you are telling the truth. once it starts, hard to put the flame out. this is an arm by "wall street journal." written by thomas frank. thomas, let me ask you a question. you greedy name hoarder. why two names? two front names. pick one. is it frank or thomas? confusing. thomas/frank has claims and has had fun pointing out historical bumblings of public figures great and small. that's what he says. only those on the right, of course, because thomas/frank is so smart and we are so, so very dumb. he's so smart one of the things that he is pointing out here is jim demint said that europe boomed after world war ii. frank/thomas staunchly defended socialism in an article entitled "jim demint's capitalist fairy tales" without mentioning that the years he's existing
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of a nation starting doing well, you know, in the book that the united states under evil capitalist economy sent the marshal plan over and pumped $13 million in aid to the socialist countries. in today's hit piece, frank/thomas enlists the help of harvard historian jill lapore. i love jill. call me! she informs frank/thomas that history of the founders is critically important to americans. no! the question arises. what do the fundamentalists, they come to inevitable question: why do so many others disagree with them? how is it that one set of people knows for sure what it means to "take back america" but another set keeps contradicting them. glenn beck has the answer. because our history is being stolen from us, as he announced on his program a month ago. progressives have been changing history for about
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100 years. the entertainer entoned -- that's me -- sitting next to a pile of textbooks they knew they had to separate us from our history to be able to separate us from our constitution and god. he continues. besides history is simply too important to be left to historians. yeah! for one thing as mr. beck charged on another occasion, historians are biased. see, what happens is historians have been going back and trying to piece things together and bring in their own ideas instead of going back to the original sources, and that's really the problem. in mr. beck's monologues i guess no opinion intrudes. he gives us the fundamentals. all is presented as we know it must have been. you know, thomas/frank, or frank/thomas, this is an opinion show. i just happen to use history to back up my opinions.
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but because progressives changed history to make their opinions work, we have to go back to the original sources. not someone's opinion. like jill, who granted is hot. no, eshe is. i love her work, whatever it is. yes, they made their opinion 150 years after it happened. the originators of history, you look at their words because they were there. you look at their actions and it doesn't back up your opinion of what has happened. frank/thomas smears me and makes all the allegation through the latest article, but never not once, never, not once, does he actually address or refute any of the facts that i present every single night. i say by the way, the latest article, because frank/thomas seems somewhat obsessed with me. it's kind of like maybe i should get a restraining order or something. i feel so naked here. in addition this morning's glenn beck and our stolen history piece in the "wall street journal," thomas/frank has always written glenn
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beck's hotline to nowhere. in that one he alleges that the red phone isn't actually connected because robert mcchesney at the free press doesn't have the number. i'm sorry. robbie, bobby, didn't i call you? look, i should have -- it's a dummy, it's a hotline to the white house. they have the number. i thought we made that pretty clear. then there was the fabulous playboy article which everyone buys the magazine for, the articles, thomas/frank, this one says the triumph of conservative underground, glenn beck's holy war. wow, frank/thomas, so much attention. maybe we should just get a room! this is about journalism, you're just a truth-seeker, right frank/thomas? >> i love obama. i followed his career for ages. he's the greatest thing in the world. >> glenn: that's not the information you're looking
5:42 pm
for. it's probably not worth mentioning that mrs. frank/thomas was member of the white house financial crisis inquiry commission. very objective. thanks, thomas/frank. you know, you just never know where frank or thomas stands politically. he's an enigma wrapped in a mystery. if he was wrapped in bacon i might eat him, he looks so yummy. again, no substance in this at all. there never is. what they do is attack, they smear and hope something sticks. frank/thomas, and those just like you, they're in love with president obama and his agenda. they do it again. they look to destroy anyone that stands in their way. but they will fail. yes, because i'm a jedi knight. as long as we're standing we will not fail. as long as we here in the fire of truth. the blaze. the blaze will consume all
5:43 pm
the lies around. this is weird and i know it goes back to history. i should get frank/thomas opinion on this. i believe it was the same thing that led to the end of the lies of the pharaoh. ahh, pip, pip, and all the rest.
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>> glenn: i want to show you a quote. time for the cash call. guess who said this and when?
5:47 pm
g.b. there it is. i hope to see our happy country restored to its former peace and happiness and once more redeemed from dir ranny and despotism which i feared we were on the brink of. we see the whole country in commotion. for what? because, gentlemen, the true friends of liberty see the laws and constitution blotted out if the heads and the hearts of the people's leaders. their request for relief treated with scorn and contempt. it's been decided by majority of congress that the president shall be the government and his will shall be the law of the land. he takes the responsibility and vetoes any bill that does not meet with his approbation. and it removes it from the law that place it and has now bid defiance to congress and the nation. the guy who said this is the same guy in congress and he ended one of his speeches. you all can go to hell, i'm
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going to texas. it was congressman davie crockett. he was talking about -- hey, guys, he was talking about andrew jackson. in fact, i think that glenn beck fellow mentioned him last night when he was talking about the difference between divine providence and manifest destiny. huh. games afoot watching. i'm sensing a pattern here. keep watching.
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>> i'd like to give you a piece of candy tonight. this is going to be fun. do you remember nancy pelosi's favorite word? >> my favorite word is the word, is the word, and that is "everything." it says it all for us. and you know the biblical reference, the gospel reference of the word. we have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the word. so with anything you want but of course we know it means
5:53 pm
the word was made flesh. >> glenn: amen, sister. amen. beautiful. moving. of course, i don't want to point out that her favorite word is two words, but who is counting. the point is she is talking about jesus christ. it's beautiful and touching. and i thought she meant it for a while until a brave reporter finally asked her about her favorite word. >> we want the word, was that the enunciation, conceived by the power of holy spirit or -- >> whatever it was, we bow our heads when we talk about it in church. that's where i'd like to talk about that. >> glenn: i'm sorry. what? you weren't in church the last time you brought it up, nancy. why not address your favorite word? it's beautiful. it's spiritual. why not? the speaker was
5:54 pm
panic-stricken as to define the moment the word was made flesh, conception or birth? which is it? it's a good question. the word defines her policy making decisions, she said later in the speech. kind of makes it hard to understand her position on abortion. i'm sorry. all these religious questions are appropriate only in church. with your head bowed. right. look, we're dealing with the ideas that progressives laid out 100 years ago and the disease they planted in the church. social justice, collective salvation. a disease. bad stuff. but we are not just dealing with speaker of the house, kings, magistrates or principalities here. we have something bigger going on. the tactics are as old as time. exposing those ideas to the disinfectant of sunlight causes people to freak out! progressives have worked on this for 100 years. they're freaking out because sunlight makes us scatter underneath the refrigerator
5:55 pm
like a cockroach. so my word tonight, people ask me all the time. what is your favorite word? i'd have to say hope, and faith. hope and faith. because if there's hope, then we can have faith. or is it faith and then we all have hope? then we'll remain peaceful and diligent. maybe it's peaceful or diligent. or maybe peaceful and -- i don't know how many words that is. then i've lost charity. i can see what a tough job being speaker of the house really. is oh, how does she do it?
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
>> glenn: a friend sent me something in on e-mail, this. this is a sign. apparently, they tell me that these are all over northern virginia. somebody is making these signs and putting them up. i think it's made by a guy that drives a big truck. those are 4x4s, i believe. i appreciate that. thank you. and you could add and join me at lincoln memorial 8-28. last night after the show i got word of something spectacular that has come together for 8-28. august 28, i ask you to join me in washington. it's going to be a page from history. come as you are. leave stronger. don't read about it. be there. trust me. you want to be there. from new york, good night, america.


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